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MedPro Disposal partnered with Tactic Box in 2018 for a comprehensive marketing lead generation strategy and overall marketing campaign. Tactic Box continues to be MedPro Disposal’s marketing partner helping them generate and convert more leads and increase revenue. MedPro Disposal also saw significant growth in its market share – now becoming the closest rival to Stericycle by a massive margin.

Tactic Box as a marketing partner was responsible for strengthening the brand with successful lead gen opportunities, helping MedPro Disposal increase more marketing qualified leads, moving the leads down the sales funnel, and increase the conversion.

In the first year of engagement with Tactic Box the campaign was divided into phases. The first phase was focused on recreating marketing communications with new content and a brand-new voice both online and offline. The next phases focused on bringing in more new leads and customers for MedPro Disposal. Lost leads were re-engaged and other untapped markets in the healthcare industry were visited.

Tactic Box team needed to have in-depth knowledge of the specialized industry that MedPro Disposal was in. Training for Tactic Box team was needed to get a full grasp of the services. This way the team was able to effectively communicate with its prospects.


  • Refreshed content for all marketing communications both online and offline.
  • Accelerated MedPro Disposal’s growth by consistently providing qualified new leads and opportunities.
  • 800 new customer contracts the first year
  • 800

    New Contracts Signed
  • 95%

    New Prospects
  • 79%

    Increase in New Qualified Leads
  • 50%

    Increase in Web Traffic



  • The first phase of the series of campaigns for MedPro Disposal was to givea fresher messaging with a voice that resonates more with the prospects of its specialized industry.
  • The website was also given a fresher look and content to drive more traffic which later the sales team nurtured as leads.
  • Tactic Box refreshed MedPro Disposal’s campaigns including call scripts, social media content, email templates, and landing pages


  • Tactic Box focused on creating a campaign that led to increasing MedPro Disposal’s prospects and leads.
  • The email campaign was ramped up reaching out to prospects, associations, and healthcare groups across the US
  • Tactic Box provided constant updates on campaign progress and lead/appointment schedules to make sure MedPro Disposal’s sales team made the follow-through to win each lead.