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Tactic Box: Pay-Per-Click Services

Boost the traffic of your website through Tactic Box’s pay-per-click advertising services. We offer growth through well-placed advertisements on sites like Google, Amazon, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and more!


Effective digital marketing is all about keeping your clients visible to their target audience. The best part is boosting your brand can be hassle free and cost-efficient through our PPC services.

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Pay-Per-Click Boosts Traffic


The easiest way to generate traffic and cut costs is through pay-per-click advertising. Through properly structured PPC campaigns, you can receive the top-quality service that they paid for and deserve.

Expertly managed PPC campaigns involve extensive industry research, advertisement knowledge, location-specific information, as well as how these factors and more interact with your client’s brand and budget. The catch is that it can be challenging to do this alongside having to scale your business and acquire more consumers. Getting caught up with one or the other can spell stress for you and your business.

 That’s where Tactic Box comes in, we offer quality pay-per-click advertising and digital marketing services that can drive growth and conversion to your brand. Tactic Box’s PPC advertising deploys customized PPC campaigns that target the proper facets of your business, making sure that your budget is maximized according to the result that you want.

Reach Your Intended Demographics

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Tactic Box’s PPC Advertising Features


Learn how TacticBox can help increase your leads, traffic, and sales

Customized Solutions

Tactic Box approaches pay-per-click advertising as a challenge that is unique to every business. We create, manage, and customize your campaigns in a way that best fits your budget, goals, and company branding.  We ensure to make the most of your budget by making sure that every advertisement is delivered to the right target audience.

tacticbox leading search results
tacticbox targeted design

Leading Search Results

Increased customer engagement through delivering customized advertisements that appear at the forefront of search results, including reviews, locations, contact details, and more for your business.

Targeted Design

Distribution of attractive banner advertisements spread across websites and mobile platforms. Through extensive research we are able to target based on lifestyle, interest, location, history with the brand, and so on.

Social Media Communication

Heightened traffic and visibility through advertisements placed on popular social media platforms. Direct and compelling call-to-actions that increases conversion rates and traffic towards your site.

Expert Campaign Management

Our team of experts are specialized and have years of experience in launching and managing PPC campaigns. Through leveraging their knowledge in navigating Google, Facebook, and other top advertising platforms, we are able to deliver on our promise to grow your business.


tacticbox research and analysis
tacticbox campaign design
tacticbox launch

Research and Analysis

We will research the most optimal keywords to boost your site’s traffic and place advertisements strategically. This is measured in consideration of your budget. Through this we will be able to express your brand accurately to compete against similar products and services.

Campaign Design

Our expert strategists will design a recommended campaign according to the most suitable approach based on our research regarding your industry, competition, and related keywords. An optimized campaign will deploy a strategy of adding PPC keywords, negative keywords, and identify cost-saving strategies to maximize the use of keywords.
Through this strategy, we ensure that your campaign stays relevant.


We will distribute to your advertisement copies, creative content, and then launch these materials on appropriate and suitable platforms.

Advertising Platforms

In Tactic Box, we ensure that PPC advertisements are placed on platforms that grant your brand high visibility and high click through and conversion rates. Different platforms have unique ways of showcasing your business, here is how some of these advertising channels can impact your brand.

google adwords
instragram and facebook ads
youtube ads

Bing & Google

We will place your advertisements on top search engines so that customers could easily see your products and services at the top of the search listings. With our customized PPC campaign, your brand will surely be able to attract and convert audiences.
Especially for big search advertisement sites like google, your company would largely benefit from a team of experts who are familiar with the factors that these search engines look for. Hence, creating a high quality and relevant search advertisement achieves a lot for your campaign.

Instagram & Facebook

Through extensive research, we are able to utilize the power of social media platforms by targeting group ads that are based on demographics and audience behavior. Through this, your products and services will appear in the timeline, feed, or story of audiences who have intent to purchase.


Targeting potential consumers who are interested in knowing more about your products and services through PPC advertising campaigns that spark interest and generate interaction. Through YouTube PPCs you can deepen your audience’s understanding of your brand.

Regular Performance Update & Report

performance reports

Digital Advertising campaigns are challenging and rewarding at the same time. It can be difficult to track your progress and the effectiveness of the campaigns when the digital advertising company that you’re working with is not fully transparent.

Tactic Box offers regular performance updates and reports through a live dashboard/platform where you can access a comprehensive report about your brand’s performance: from page views, phone calls, store visits, to clicks and click-through-rates (CTR), to conversions, and more!