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Campaign Management

Watch your campaign grow from a comfortable position as we take the responsibility of managing inconvenient aspects of your marketing campaign. From your newsletter and email, social media pages, to your banners.

The years of experience that our team of experts have over campaign management guarantees you the most seamless experience when planning, overseeing, and managing your marketing campaigns. Because of your industry experience, know how to effectively navigate the campaigns from sparking interest down to conversion.

In every step of the way, we would be there to help you design and plan your marketing campaign up until the time that we have to analyze its outcomes. With us, you would be able to benefit from exceptional returns without going through the hassle that accompanies these results.

How can we help you?

Email marketing is an incredibly effective marketing tool, especially when maximized to its full potential.

If you choose to avail of our services, you will immediately be assisted by an account manager. You will have a wide array of options available regarding the kind of service that is best suited to your business’ needs through our different packages.

Through your account manager, any kind of help that your campaign needs are sure to meet immediate assistance. Our experts put the greatest effort in understanding your business goals weave an appropriate marketing campaign.

What are some of the services that your account manager can offer you?


Direct-to-Brief Management

Expert Roadmap to Success

Consumer-Driven Concepts

A marketing brief is the structure that allows campaigns to succeed. Our account managers will execute directly towards your brief to make sure that every material from banner to emails is designed in such a way that maximizes your brand’s impact according to what you want. Your business identity will surely be something customers can’t ignore!

While trial and error are integral to make businesses, it carries a lot of opportunity costs. It’s a good thing that our account managers have been in the business for years and have already gone through this process. Because of this, you don’t have to go through the painful process of learning because our experts know and have experienced the things that work and the things that don’t.

The way that our account managers brand your business is focused on consumer-centric branding. Through extensive research, we would be able to provide for you a compelling narrative for your business that’s sure to immediately attract attention and buzz around your products and services.


Navigate Complex Jargon

Brand Alignment

Data-Driven Recommendations

The language of websites and data is not the easiest thing to learn and can be daunting especially for those who are new to digital marketing. Thankfully, with our account managers, you will never have to worry about this. We ensure that you’d be able to direct your attention to your business goals

The identity of your business is what ensures that your campaign stays interesting and memorable for your consumers. Our account managers ensure that your campaign stays on-brand and relevant as they make custom-fit recommendations regarding your marketing materials such as messaging. We will also make sure that whatever brand that is broadcasted is up-to-date and eye-catching!

Consumer feedback and the marketing landscape is always changing. With new types of technologies and rising demands, comes new possibilities and challenges for your business. Our account managers have gone through these cycles and are adept at riding the tides of change. Through their expertise, they will constantly draw up-to-date and valuable insights from the most recent performance of your business. This way, your campaign stays right on track!

These are only a few of the many promises that TacticBox account managers can expertly deliver on. By viewing our different campaign management packages, you’ll for sure be able to find a service that best fits your situation.

Campaign management thrives on achieving the best possible results from old-fashioned emails integrated with the creative branding. Together, we’ll be able to yield exceptional return of investment.

Just contact us to get in touch with our account managers at TacticBox!